Become a member

Why become a member of CLUSIB ?

There are several reasons for becoming a member of CLUSIB, the most important being :

  • Members regularly have the opportunity to meet leading persons from other private or public organizations (e.g. security managers of information systems and networks, auditors, specialists in standards relating to information systems and networks, …), university lecturers, consultants, representatives from the public sector, lawyers specialized in computer law. These meetings favour the exchange of experience, which is one of CLUSIB’s chief concerns.
  • Members are constantly informed of the latest technical and legal developments in the field of information systems and network securityat the national and international level.
  • Through his participation in the working groups, a member can directly influence the actions of CLUSIB.
  • Members are offered many opportunities to improve their level of competence and to be kept informed of the latest developments on state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies for information systems and network security.

Who are the members of CLUSIB ?

CLUSIB members include companies, private as well as public, trade associations, individuals such as computer consultants, auditors, lawyers and university professors, and representatives from the public sector.

The advantages of CLUSIB membership

CLUSIB members :

  • participate in the studies carried out by the working groups;
  • enjoy significant discounts on registration fees for the conferences and seminars organized by CLUSIB;
  • receive one free copy of each new publication of CLUSIB;
  • have access to the “members only” part of CLUSIB’s website.

How to become a member of CLUSIB ?

If you want to become a member, you must :

  • fill in the registration form (formulaire-adhesion) which can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the secretary’s office. Members are invited to list the working groups they would like to co-operate with. A member company may be represented by several persons in the working groups;
  • pledge to comply with the articles of association,  and the decisions taken by the statutory bodies of CLUSIB;
  • sign this registration form and return it to CLUSIB by e-mail or fax. The Board of Directors will check if the sconditions for membership are fulfilled. Applicants who have been accepted as members, must pay the membership fee

The membership fee is €150. The fee covers the period between January 1st and December 31st.