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Computer risks threaten your organization

The widespread use of computer systems exposes companies to a series of new risks of different kinds, be it accidents (e.g. destruction of equipment through fire), errors (e.g. data transmission errors, file erasures) or malevolence (e.g. viruses, fraud, data theft). These risks may cause substantial losses and even be dangerous for the survival of the organization.

In order to make organizations aware of this and enable them to develop the means to prevent and efficiently manage these risks, the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB Asbl) created the Belgian Computer Security Club (CLUSIB Asbl) in 1989, with the support of some of its members with a keen interest in this matter.

Objectives of CLUSIB

The main objective of CLUSIB is to take any initiative aimed at fostering the security of information systems and networks.
More precisely, CLUSIB aims at :

  • introducing and spreading methods and technical recommendations concerning the security of information systems and networks;
  • presenting summaries about the state of the art and the technologies in this field;
  • promoting the exchange of experience and ideas among its members;
  • providing on-going training for its members, e.g. conferences, training seminars and publications.

Activities of CLUSIB

Life of CLUSIB centers around the active participation of its members in the different study committees. These working groups study the multiple aspects of information systems security (e.g. audit, standardisation, quality, security management, legal aspects, physical and logical security, …)

The results of the studies performed by the working groups are used by CLUSIB in order to undertake concrete actions showing companies how to better manage the risks related to the use of computer systems.

CLUSIB regularly publishes documents explaining companies how to prevent and deal with computer risks.

CLUSIB has set up a privileged information network in several countries of the European Union.

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